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New cabinets make any room look brand new, and BuildCraft Studios is able to give your home the look you've always wanted. We also create other household niceties such as entertainment centers, bathroom vanities, and laundry room cabinets.

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and Decor

As a custom furniture manufacturer, we are able to offer custom solid wood furniture in a wide selection of sizes, styles, configurations, woods, finishes, and hardware. We build eco-friendly furniture and value handmade over assemble line and quality over quantity. This ensures each piece, whether custom mid-century or reclaimed wood, is beautifully crafted and more importantly, made to last.

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Commercial Cabinets and Millworks

We provide cabinetry for retail stores, schools, healthcare facilities, restaurants, and more. BuildCraft Studios offers the highest quality cabinets, and a friendly, knowledgeable, and professional staff. We work with plastic laminates, woods, metals and glass to meet all your commercial millwork needs.

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Digital fabrication is establishing itself as a core discipline for architecture. It promises to close gaps between digital technologies and the physical construction process. Thanks to seamless integration of design and fabrication, we can go from screen to machine. We have full CNC capabilities and can work with a variety of materials to bring your design concepts to life.

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Wine Cellar

We are the gold standard in custom wine cellar design and construction. Our designs, innovations and materials are the pinnacle of both craftsmanship and creativity. From the design concept stage to the final installation, our objective is to provide a world class product and service experience.

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No matter what the project calls for, we can meet the exact specifications you need as it relates to height, depth, drawer height and width. Submit your sketch and we will send you a price for the job within two (2) business days. Our team of experts will specifically craft each piece to meet your specs.

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