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about us

BuildCraft was founded by a group of local craftsman. We are a full millwork studio and CNC digital fabrication shop that specializes in custom residential and commercial cabinets, architectural details, decorative panels, and anything in between made of wood, metal, glass, and acrylics. We have a reputation for our dedication to both product quality and installation.

Our expert team offers the entire package when creating your residential or commercial dream. With BuildCraft Studios, clients can expect complete in-house design, engineering, manufacturing, delivery, and installation services and state of the art, high end material finishing. Our team is capable of handling production at all sizes, offering efficient turnaround and accommodating tough schedules and cost pressures.

Carpenter at Work

Frequently asked questions

  • What if I want specific materials? How do you aquire those?
    Through many years and extensive projects, we have formed strong relationships with some of the top material providers - which offer us not only priority and fair pricing, but great customer service as well.
  • What materials do you specialize in?
    Our team considers itself a 'Jack of all trades.' Wood, glass and metal are the most common three, but our expertise doesn't stop there - we have experts who work with stones, plastics, cement and constantly keep our finger on the pulse of new mediums. Whatever it is you want done, we can make it work!
  • How do projects like these affect my schedule and pockets?
    Every project is different - we offer free, upfront and honest quotes on all projects. We will continuously work with you on schedule and pricing as we know ideas can drastically change from conception to completion. We pride ourselves on finishing jobs under budget, before the deadline, and exceeding expectations.
  • Ok, so the items have been finished - now what?"
    Fear not, BuildCraft Studios is the complete package when it comes to craftsmanship. Not only can clients expect complete in-house design, engineering, manufacturing - but after approval we handle delivery, and installation services and state of the art, high end material finishing.
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